Dermatillomania, also known as the skin-picking disorder, is a condition where a person has a natural urge to constantly pick on their skin. Just like how many people find an unusual feeling of relief after biting their nails or cracking their joints, people who suffer from dermatillomania also have a tendency to feel a sense of gratification after picking on their skin. In fact, this is seemingly harmless disorder can lead to something very serious.

It is not uncommon for individuals who continuously pick on their skin to cause permanent tissue damage. Generally, dermatillomania sufferers use a variety of ways to attack their skin such as scratching their scalp harshly, forcefully rubbing an area on their arm, or viciously scratching their feet.

Even though dermatillomania is most commonly associated with picking the skin on the face, it can occur anywhere on the body. Thus, many people do end up scratching or stabbing their scalp. This consistent damage can cause hair loss. Our hair grows from the roots of the hair follicles and severely scraping it over time with sharp nails can harm the follicles which can interrupt the proper hair growth cycle. As a result, certain patches of skin on the head will cease to produce hair.

While there are no direct and fully effective treatments for dermatillomania, many individuals have benefited from behavioral therapy. Stress, boredom, and anxiety are some common feelings that lead one to pick on their skin – sometimes even unknowingly. Thus, behavioral therapy can allow one to figure out these triggers and put an end to dermatillomania.

Scalp itching can also compel one to scratch their head and end up picking the skin on the scalp. Dr. Marder’s Total Relief shampoo and conditioner is specially designed to fight head itching. It is also a great product for preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. If you are suffering from dermatillomania on the scalp, Dr. Marder’s Total Relief line is sure to help. Please, click here to order yours today. We will take care of the shipping cost!

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