Malassezia is type of yeast fungi that is an integral part of the skin microbiota, a term used to describe the ecological community of microbes that colonize our bodies. Naturally found on human skin, Malassezia grows around the sebaceous, or oil-producing, areas of the skin. Under normal circumstances, Malassezia does not present a problem. However, it can be an opportunistic fungi and its presence can aggravate certain skin conditions.

Malassezia-related Skin Diseases

There are currently fourteen recognized species of Malassezia, eight of which are associated with human skin. Research indicates that Malassezia plays a role in “flaring up” of some skin disorders. Some common examples include:

  • Seborrheic dermatitis. One of the most common skin diseases linked to Malassezia,seborrheic dermatitis, commonly known as dandruff or cradle cap, can be an ongoing problem. Symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis include an itchy scalp, yellow or brown scales, and flaking. The condition may also appear on the face, around the nose and eyes and behind the ears.
  • Atopic eczema. Malassezia is also associated with atopic eczema, a chronic skin problem that causes the skin to become red, itchy, and irritated.
  • Tinea versicolor. Malassezia can interfere with the normal pigmentation of the skin, leading to small, lighter- or darker-colored patches on the skin. Tinea versicolor is most commonly affects the trunk and shoulders and is often seen in warm, humid climates.

In immunosuppressed individuals, Malassezia can present a serious systemic problem.

Dr. Marder Total Relief Products for Malassezia-related Skin Conditions

Dr. Marder Total Relief products can help restore and maintain the delicate balance of the skin microbiota. Designed to keep bacteria and fungi in check, Dr. Marder Total Relief products contain powerful agents that inhibit the overproliferation of microbes. Pyrithione zinc, a key ingredient in Dr. Marder total Relief products, has been shown to be highly effective against Malassezia. To help reduce irritation and inflammation, Dr. Marder Total Relief Shampoo has been formulated with maximum strength hydrocortisone 1%.

Although Dr. Marder Total Relief Shampoo and Conditioner were created to principally target seborrheic dermatitis and scalp problems, the products can be used elsewhere to help relieve skin discomfort associated with Malassezia.

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