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Diet and Dandruff

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Though there has not yet been enough clinical research to back up the claim that diets can in fact cure dandruff, more correlation of it being so has emerged over the years. Turns out that by simply eating healthier and making better food choices, not only will your overall body function improve, but big differences can be made in regards to your dandruff. Although there is not enough studies to prove the claim, there is no doubt that making some of these changes in diet will improve your health. When going about making changes to your overall diet, be sure to consult a registered dietitian or someone very well knowledgeable about diets.

The first change you can make to your diet is to limit the amount of sugar intake. Cutting back on sugar can lower inflammation which in turn minimizes the amount of flakes. Diets that are high in sugar and processed food in general cause insulin spikes which leads to the stimulation of hormones to increase oil output. So, cutting out fatty, fried, and processed foods is a great way to reduce flaking. Another diet change would be to incorporate more fruits and vegetables because they are filled with nutrition and fiber. Diets low in fiber leads to poor digestion and even dandruff. Be sure to eat the vegetables both raw and cooked. Some people have the false sense that eating food raw is always better, but having vegetables cooked can help to release some of the essential nutrients so that your body can absorb them better. Foods with healthy fats that contain omega 3 and omega 6 help to support healthy hair and skin. Tuna, salmon, avocados, and walnuts are some examples of foods with fatty acids that aid in anti-inflammatory properties. The mineral zinc and vitamin biotin have been shown to improve dandruff as well. Incorporating these into diets have been shown to decrease flares and dandruff on the general whole. These are some of the simple lifestyle changes you can integrate into your food regimen. A lot of them are rather simple and will lead to great effects on your body and not only dandruff control.

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