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Tips To Repair Dry Damaged Hair

Posted by DrMarder Skin on

Dry hair does not have enough moisture or produce a sufficient amount of sebum to remain healthy and sheen. Often, your genes may be the reason you are prone to dry hair. For example, black hair tends to be drier than others. Dry or damaged hair often arises as a result of your own doing though. Fortunately, both conditions may be treated.

According to Dr. Marder, a number of simple steps can help repair dry, damaged hair. Maintaining healthy hair can result from protein boosts, daily conditioning, frequent haircuts and avoiding hair dryers and hot irons. Washing your hair right is essential in repairing dry, damaged hair. Despite common belief, hair should be washed once every week to 10 days. Using a condition to ‘wash’ your hair in between will cleanse your hair and scalp without drying or damaging it. In addition, slightly alternative methods such as the use of olive oil, mayonnaise or egg wash in the hair can also help damaged hair.

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