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Repair Winter / Damaged Hair

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The winter months can be harsh on one’s hair. In the winter, there’s less humidity in the air, which can often result a peeling or drying of the scalp. Furthermore, the indoor heating used to protect you from the bitter cold outside is even more damaging. Often, heating can dry out the hair and waken the hair cuticle. This can result in hair fibers peeling and breaking. While it’s impossible to control the climate, we can combat winter hair.

Dr. Marder has created a unique shampoo specifically designed to combat hair conditions such as a flaky scalp caused by damaged hair. The Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy contains maximum strength hydrocortisone, a special ingredient that no other shampoo offers. This makes the treatment a one-of-a-kind, effective and clinically proven solution to winter-damaged hair. There are two key factors in preserving your hair during the winter, hydration and protection. Dr. Marder’s effective shampoo and conditioner are effective treatments that provide results within just one week.

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