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Myths About Wrinkles

Posted by DrMarder Skin on

Aging skin is unavoidable, although we can postpone it. With the mass array of products available today that promise to reduce wrinkles and in doing so, shed years off your skin, there are many myths and misconceptions about wrinkles. Often it is difficult to separate fact from fiction; however it is important to recognize the helpful tips from the downright useless.

Moisturizer alone will not erase wrinkles without the support of other methods. The vast majority of wrinkles are a result of sun exposure. The most common reason for premature skin aging is overexposure to UV light, and therefore wearing sunscreen with an SPF30 can help protect the skin. Genes are only part of the equation. Moreover, it is true that smoking will cause premature wrinkles and should be avoided to preserve younger looking skin. The easiest trick to maintain youthful skin is hydration. Drinking more water will leave you looking brighter and feeling better.

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