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Are Your Hands Aging?

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As we age, people lose fat in their body, often resulting in thin and sagging skin in the hands. As a result, the appearances of hand veins become more prominent and make the hands appear older than the body. Thus, the hands can often give away someone’s age, even if they look younger than they are elsewhere. For years, people have been actively reducing the signs of aging through cosmetic procedures elsewhere on the body. Now, the same treatment is available for the hands.

Dr. Marder recommends a number of steps that may help reduce the signs of aging in the hands. Fillers such as Restylane or Radiesse can effectively make your hands look better by diminishing the appearance of prominent veins by filling the surrounding area. “Fractional laser treatments can also help correct telltale age spots, unaffected by fillers,” says Philadelphia dermatologist Dr. Franziska Ringpfeil. In addition, Dr. Marder and Dr. Ringpfeil recommends less invasive treatments such as sun protection, antioxidants and peptides can help combat sagging and aging skin in the hands.

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