Dandruff & Scalp Relief

Alexis suffered from itchy and flaky scalp until she was introduced to Dr. Marder's Total relief™ shampoo & conditioner. Our products uses hydrocortisone to fight dandruff, itchy skin, flaky skin and more.

Liz has been using head & shoulder on and off for many years for treating chronic dandruff, but did not see the results that she wanted. Liz began using Dr. Marder's Total relief™ shampoo & total relief™ conditioner and it has worked wonders for her. Dr Marder's Total relief™ shampoo uses breakthrough technology to fight dandruff, itchy & dry scalp and more.

Devin suffered from dandruff and has tried many different shampoo products without getting any results. Devin was introduced to Dr. Marder's Total Relief™ shampoo & conditioner and tried the product for a week.Devin saw that it erased all traces of dandruff & itchy scalp and highly recommends the products to his friends and family.