Herbs that Promote Hair Growth

Dandruff Cause Hair

Holistic approaches for promoting hair growth are often overlooked. Hair volume is determined in part by genetics but what you put in your body and on your scalp can override genetics. Some of the best herbs that promote hair growth are also some of the most underrated and under-the-radar ones.

Saw palmetto and stinging nettle are both herbs that block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a process thought to be responsible for hair loss. Ginseng root is another herb that aids in preventing hair loss.

Some more well-known oils such as peppermint and lavender are ironically less known for their effectiveness in promoting hair growth. Peppermint oil promotes better circulation to the scalp, which has been proven to play huge a role in hair regrowth. Lavender oil helps with both hair regrowth and preventing hair loss. The soothing properties of lavender reduce stress, which has been linked to hair loss.

Because circulation to the scalp is so important for keeping hair full and healthy, massaging the scalp is highly recommended and beneficial. Under the same logic, try not to keep hair tied up tight for an extended period of time. This can restrict the circulation and also result in headaches.

The health of your hair and scalp is very much influenced by what you put in your body and the products you use. Use sulfate and paraben-free products whenever possible, treat your hair and scalp to essential oils, and always drink plenty of water!