Our Mission

bevel tree

One of South Florida’s Leading Dermatologists, Dr. Marder founded Dr. Marder Skincare in 2011 to develop breakthrough skin and scalp care formulations for his own practice. Dr. Marder's mission is to help and heal people. Dr. Marder noticed the great need for a shampoo that actually will be available without a prescription but that will fill the void in the OTC market. Dr. Marder's unique, patented formulation was designed to Stop Itching. Start Healing.®

Dr. Marder has spent the past three years working on his innovative formulations to combat the challenges of controlling Dandruff, Psoriasis, and Seborrehic Dermatitis. He set out to incorporate the finest quality ingredients and technological developments into Dr. Marder Skincare formulations with the launch of his first products, the 2-step system of TOTAL RELIEF™ SHAMPOO and TOTAL RELIEF™ CONDITIONER.

Dr. Marder Skincare’s logo is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life symbolizes the continuity of healing, which is the cornerstone of Dr. Marder’s philosophy. The Tree of Life represents many qualities and virtues in every culture, including wisdom, strength, protection, and beauty. The strength of the Tree of Life supports regeneration; it develops roots to be firmly planted in the soil, branches out to heal and nourish, and the trunk depicts the mind and body that keeps the tree connected.

Just like the Tree of Life, our mission at Dr. Marder Skincare is to provide clinically proven formulations that contain natural ingredients with the most advanced delivery systems for maximum results.

These advanced products are now available directly to you online and at select retailers. What is most unique about Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy is that it starts working after just one use.