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Is Dandruff Genetic or Hormonal?

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While doctors have not come to a common conclusion as to what exactly causes dandruff, there are some opinions which are accepted by an overwhelming majority of doctors and scientists throughout the world. Among these opinions is that of Malassezia. A fungus which lives on the surface of our skin, malassezia can grow exponentially on our head for reasons that doctors are not currently aware of. Unfortunately, this behavior irks the skin cells on our head and they shed a lot faster than normal. As a result, the scalp can itch and become very flaky.

Now, that we know what can be a possible cause of dandruff, let’s move on to the topic of this blog – is dandruff genetic? Well, there is uncertainty regarding this, too. Some doctors do believe that there are genetic factors that can cause dandruff to run in the family. Others hold the stance that dandruff isn’t directly passed-down to offspring. Instead, genes can play a role in the development of oily skin. Excessive oil produced by the skin makes our head an ideal environment for malassezia fungus to feed and reproduce.

Along with genes, hormonal changes are another culprit that is often associated with dandruff. In many people, dandruff problems start occurring when they reach their adolescent years. It is an established fact that our bodies go through a great deal of hormonal changes during puberty. Thus, putting two and two together, we come to the conclusion that hormonal changes do have a correlation with dandruff.

Moreover, as we all know, hormones play many significant roles in our body and one of these roles is the production of oil in our scalp. Similar to the genetic theory, hormone imbalance can also force our body to produce additional oil on our head which can expedite the shedding of skin cells and cause dandruff.

Even though it may be impossible to control all the hormones in our body, we can still control some of them by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. In addition, stress, bad hygiene, and too much sweating are all controllable factors which cause dandruff. So, if you are suffering from dandruff, be sure to avoid these as much as possible. You can also treat dandruff with Dr. Marder’s Total Relief Shampoo & Conditioner. Total Relief is formulated to fight dry flaking skins and the Fungus Malassezia of the scalp. It is a two-step system is clinically proven to relive itching, dryness and Malassezia.

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